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Saving History

Lilly Schoolhouse makes sure we preserve history.    That's why when the old jail was going to be torn down, Lilly Schoolhouse agreed to pay for the moving and relocation of the old jail building.

The jail was saved from demolition and moved to the back of the schoolgrounds at the Lilly School Gardens.  The area in front of the jail is perfect for outdoor performances, and for enjoying a good book.

The jail was used at the turn of the century when the City had a Marshall, and was later used as the official voting precinct for the City of Lilly.

The multipurpose building has an interesting museum display of women's suffrage and law enforcement memorabilia.   The historic building was deliberately placed at the end of a winding rock trail, to replicate a long road to somewhere far off in Lilly.   

Miss Kitty likes to hide out in the women's voting museum display area when there are large performances at the auditorium in the school.   Miss Kitty catches up on naps and reading books in the recreated voting area.